What’s my Priority right now

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Definition of Successful Business: A commercial profitable enterprise that works brilliantly without the owner…

knowing where you are with your business now and where you want to go is what defines your next steps…

Here you will find some clearly defined and common scenarios that will help you see where you fit right now within your business journey. Once you identify with a scenario, you will find some guidelines for your recommended next steps. See you on the other side.

“My business is working OK, but I really want to take it to the next level.”

“I’ve got the business to a good profitable level, and I want to double the revenue now.”

“I’m not able to do the things in life that I want to because I’m always working in the business.”

time management coaching in business


Do you know your most valuable and profitable activities?

Do you prioritise investing time in these activities?

Business owners are often spending so much time dealing with problems, managing staff and putting out fires that we have no time left for the essentials.

How long since you did a time study to discover where your time is going?

How would your life change if you could reduce your hours in your business by 20%?

What could you do in that time if it were available?

“Owning and running a business whilst being able to enjoy the same, if not better time freedoms that staff enjoy, has been a God Send!” JM


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better business profitability


A common problem for many businesses is managing their cash flow. When there’s not enough in the bank to pay the bills you need to know why. Do you know your monthly and weekly ‘break-even’ number? Many owners can’t understand what their Profit & Loss report is telling them each month. Are your customers taking too long in paying their accounts? Have you researched and chosen the best pricing policy for your type of business? Are your expenses like wages too high for your type of business? A month by month cash flow budget of income and expenses is a must.

‘Coaching kick started us by giving us the courage to increase our prices resulting in a 163% increase in gross profit. Our bottom line profit was up 258% on last year. That’s a huge return on investment. Investing in the regular coaching has improved our cash flow management and disciplined us to keep moving forward achieving bigger goals.’ NR


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teamwork in business


Without a documented vision and mission your team don’t know where you want the business to go. Without a Job Description they won’t know exactly what you want them to do. And without Key Performance Indicators they don’t know how their performance will be assessed. Without an organisational chart they don’t know how you want them to relate to you and cooperate with other staff. And, without documented values and appropriate staff policies you’re guaranteed to have to micro-manage.

“Putting the right people into the right roles and learning how to work my way into a position where the business does not rely on me being in the business, has been the turnaround that I always needed but couldn’t achieve. Stepping through challenges together and having that external resource available to listen and provide constructive feedback is the most valuable asset in moving to a successful business and good work-life balance.” JM


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When you suffered your ‘entrepreneurial seizure’ and started or bought your own business you were driven by some personal goals and lifestyle changes you wanted.

For most business owners these were never written down and converted into a realistic timeline.

In almost every case, your business soon consumes more time than you thought. Your dreams and goals become a fading memory.

You’re not the first to land in this predicament. But, are you ready to fix your problem?

“The assistance of the coach in the early stages ensured that we began business on the front foot and having our goals and plans in place ensured a relatively smooth entry into business”. RS


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