Maximizing Efficiency

by | Mar 31, 2023

Need to improve your business processes? ACNB can help you maximize your growth with streamlined processes. But how exactly do you go about improving the way your team operates? There are six steps to follow that will help you to review and update the way things are currently being done within your business structure.

They include the following:

Step One – Map The Process

So, you have chosen a process that needs improvement. The best way to understand how that process works today is to map it out from Point A to Point B. Document each step that is followed and draw it out in a flow chart. This will give you a concise visual of the process. Include as much detail as required to fully describe each step along the way from start to finish.

Step Two – Analyze The Process

Examine your flow chart carefully. Then try to answer questions such as, where do customers/team members get frustrated? Which step (or steps) cause a bottleneck in the process? Where in the process does the cost increase and/or the quality of the product decrease? Which steps take up the most time or slow things down? Seek input from those impacted by the problems within the process and ask what they think needs correcting.

Step Three – Redesign The Process

With input from others directly affected by the process, you should have all the issues identified. Ensure that everyone understands what the process is trying to achieve and then shortlist the potential solutions. Conduct an impact analysis on the potential solutions and start redesigning. Test the new process with a risk analysis. As soon as everyone agrees that the redesign is going to work and be efficient, create new diagrams to document the new process.

Step Four – Seek Resources

Before you can implement the new process, you must secure the resources required. This can be completed in many ways such as seeking guidance from senior management, or team players in a different department. Ensure that everyone understands what the new process is supposed to achieve and how it will assist the entire operation.

Step Five – Execute and Communicate The Change

The possibility exists that a change to a process may have an impact on existing systems, staffing, or other processes. Depending on how the new process fits into the organization, it may require the acquisition of new software, training sessions for staff, or the hiring of new staff. You can’t just flip a switch and jump to the new process the following day. It will take time to bring everyone up to speed and could require education to bring those resistant to change on board.

Step Six – Review

Once the new process is put in place, monitor the progress it makes for the next few weeks. Expect snags and hurdles along the way. Seek input from those directly impacted by the changes to see if the new process is working.

What business processes improve with streamlining?

It depends on the type of business you conduct and how many, and how complex the processes that are already part of your company’s operational culture. However, there are many departments that streamlining can improve. They include:

  • New employee onboarding (human resources/administration)
  • Follow-up contact with potential clients (sales/marketing)
  • Vendor invoicing (finance/accounting)
  • Product delivery (operations)
  • Employee reviews (management)
  • Task notification (project management)

How streamlining can benefit your business?

Streamlining processes reduces errors in the workplace. It also increases progress. Probably one of the most important benefits to come from streamlining within a business is that it can aid in enforcing accountability along with clarifying job duties. Essentially, streamlining improves how your business operates and when things run efficiently, workers are happy and look forward to the job. Streamlining allows workers to engage in the process which improves morale and shows that employers value the work and input from staff.

Fixing something that doesn’t seem to be working as well as it could within a business framework is not easy. It can’t be done overnight. However, the business growth tools from ACNB can help your business to reach goals that were impossible before.

For assistance with streamlining business processes, including streamline process examples, contact ACNB today. The coaching services at ACNB will help your organization to automate and streamline processes through business coaching Brisbane.

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