Leverage – The Game of Business

by | Jan 19, 2016

Leverage is critical for you as a business owner who is looking to find more time to do the things you want to be doing, instead of slaving for long hours and little or no return.   We can all agree that you need a combination of cash flow and systems to be able to build what we at ActionCOACH North Brisbane consider to be a successful business – A Commercial, Profitable Enterprise – That works Without You!

Yesterday saw ActionCOACH North Brisbane host yet another inspirational event in our “Inspire to Action” series, where business owners and alliance partners played the business board game Leverage.   Many lessons were learned by even the most seasoned business owners, and revelations were had by our alliance partners that this game alone could help their clients – #BFO

The photograph at the top of this article shows Kellie Phillips of Australian Elite Insurance Services and Jason Holmes of H2 Insurance collaborating whilst playing the game.   We love that there was a high level of “Co-opetition” – that healthy mix of cooperation and competition.

In the game, players move around the board making business decisions that increase the 5 ways they can increase their profits – Lead Generation; Conversion Rates; Number of Transactions; Average Dollar Sale; and Margins – to make incremental improvements in their business.   ActionCOACH North Brisbane has hundreds of strategies for you to implement that will improve your business’s bottom line.  One main revelation from our clients was that it is amazing to see how such simple strategies can improve your bottom line.   The other main part of the game, and not at all less critical, is the 4 main areas of systemisation that any business needs to be successful.   These are Delivery and Distribution; Testing and Measuring; Systems and Technology; and People and Education.