Dealing With Work-Related Stress

by | Aug 11, 2023

Dealing With Work-Related Stress

Work-related stress impacts everyone on the job sooner or later. If you feel overwhelmed at work, can’t concentrate, don’t feel interested in any on-the-job group activities, and are always on edge, then you are very likely suffering from work-related stress. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with it that you can implement into your daily routine so that you can manage the triggers that cause you to feel anxiety at work.

It is important to recognize when you are stressed so you can work to resolve it.

Here are a few ways to beat stress:

Identify Your Triggers

One of the most effective ways to manage workplace stress is to know what it is that sets off that anxiety. Use a journal for a couple of weeks and jot down what situations lead to stress for you. Also, note how you respond to that stress. After you figure out what brings stress on, and how you react, you will be able to work on improving the situation.

Recharge, Recharge, Recharge

We all need time away from the people and places that cause us stress. This means going for a walk, taking time off and going on a road trip or holiday or just curling up on the couch with a good book. Whatever method you choose to recharge, the key to successfully replenishing your energy reserves is to do something that allows you to switch off work.

Establish A Pre-Work Routine

If your mornings are filled with obligations that take up time before you get to the office such as gobbling down a fast breakfast and fighting traffic to get kids to school and you to work, chances are you will be stressed before you start your work day. You can avoid this stress by planning your morning routine so that you have enough time to complete each pre-work task.

Reward Yourself From Time To Time

Even if you didn’t finish that project that was due today, be sure to take time for yourself to celebrate the small victories. Something nice a co-worker said to you or a job that you did to the best of your abilities should be all you need to reward yourself. Maybe take a side trip on the way home or go out for lunch to celebrate getting through another week on the job.

Walk It Off

When the pressure gets too much in the workplace, use your lunch break or any other break you get during the day to go for a walk. Even if all you can fit in is a quick spin around the block, you will be amazed at how much going for a walk will clear your mind and take away the stress. Use stairs instead of the elevator at the end of your day to help de-stress your mind.

Avoid Multitasking

Chunking is a way to get a lot done that isn’t as scrambled as multitasking. Essentially, you gather small, related tasks together in a chunk and work on them. Then you group more in a different chunk and take them on. It allows you to focus more on one specific topic or idea rather than many different ones when multitasking. Chunking is organized and less stressful.

Make Your Work Environment Comfortable

Working the majority of your day in a sterile environment can take a lot of enjoyment out of the work you do. Try to make your cubicle or office more comfortable by adding personal touches. Family photos, a favourite plant, music, wall art, or a comfortable chair all contribute to your work setting. The more comfortable it becomes, the more you will enjoy being there.

Business Coaching Can Help With Your Business Goals

Action Coach Business Coaching provides business coaching services in Brisbane. With a business coach, staff and management can learn how to action business plans without creating stressful situations. It is from this process that productivity increases and fosters business growth. When work-related stress gets in the way, it becomes difficult to keep business on track. For more information on business coaching services, contact ACBC today.

Work-related stress is not healthy. Not only can it impact your productivity on the job, but it can affect your personal life as well. Knowing the causes helps, and there are many ways to combat the feelings that come from work-related stress. Business coaching can resolve many of the issues that can develop into triggers if left unchecked. Business coaching can keep your business productive and successful.