What is the value of one day?

by | Mar 2, 2021

What return on investment could you potentially expect if you were to take one day every month away from your business? Imagine being able to clear your head so you could think clearly.

If you could dream about your goals for the year. What small (or big) changes or ideas could pop into your uncluttered mind? Some might even have the potential to double your profits, or reduce your working hours by 50%.

Bill Gates is noted for taking a whole week twice a year to get away from the rush and stresses of business. Going to a remote cabin, to reflect and go through ideas for innovations put forward by his staff.

In the early days of Microsoft, he would go to his grandmother’s home, where he could have undisturbed quiet times. This had such a positive effect on business growth it enabled the company to keep evolving and innovating. It provided the right kind of growth momentum.

That’s the interesting thing about momentum. It can drive you quicker to where you want to be. But if you just let momentum build without pointing it in the right direction, you get to where you don’t want to be even quicker!

So, here’s a suggestion. Get your diary now. Find a suitable day each month and make an all day appointment with mother nature somewhere quiet. Now be sure to keep the appointment, no matter what! You’ll be amazed what you’ll think up.