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Having a dynamic, strategic business plan is the first step in driving more profit straight to your bottom line.   PlanningCLUB is anchored by our innovative software program developed by the worlds’ leading business coaching company, our business planning process makes the complex simple.

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The PlanningCLUB program is guaranteed to:

  • Teach you more about business in 2 days than most people learn in 2 years,
  • Provide you and your team with a full action plan,
  • Offer you a document that can be used to gain funding via banks or investors, direct the management and employees of the business over the coming years and be used as a roadmap toward the businesses future, and

Equip you (and your team) with all the payoffs of a business planning AND business education event.

Kicking off with our 2 day intensive program – you will become crystal clear in your purpose and your vision, and leave with:

  • A powerful business plan already gathering great interest amongst the people who matter – your team, your business partners, your banks and your funding partners
  • Effective, customised strategies for business improvement – with clear implementation plans
  • A simplified, easily understood online model of your business
  • The tools and knowledge to continually update your business plan and activities, making it a dynamic and powerful business planning tool that will eclipse anything you have experienced before.

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Delivered through an online portal, and supported by ActionCOACH every step of the way, your system comes complete with a comprehensive Dashboard giving instant insight across all key performance areas within your business.  You will have the power to test your ideas and assumptions, and see the results and potential impacts instantly across your future cash flow, your profitability, your equity and the health of your business before making decisions.

This is the most powerful business planning and management tool you can have in your business.

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