Culture Trumps Systems in terms of Increasing Profits.

by | Oct 28, 2021

It’s wonderful when we can learn from other people’s mistakes, rather than in the “school of hard knocks!”

An interesting conversation with a client today got onto the topic of business culture and its impact on the viability of the business.

We were discussing how a positive culture is more important than systems.

So, what’s the culture of your business?

Even as a customer, you can discern the culture of a business as soon as you enter their premises. Every business has a culture, even when the owner has made no attempt to define and document the culture they want.

My client recalled working in a manufacturing business with 350 staff. They had very efficient and well documented systems, but the culture was toxic! Nobody paid much attention to following the systems! It was so bad he quit and started his own business.

It wasn’t a surprise then, when he heard the news 12 months later that his former employer had gone into receivership!

So, what’s the culture of your business?

Do you have a culture statement, in writing? It’s very useful in recruiting, since your ideal employee is the one who fits into the culture for which you want your business to be known!

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