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Goals – Where Are You Heading?

Goals – Where are you heading?

It has been said that people who write their goals down, and read them every day, have a much higher success rate in achieving them.

I guess it is a little like reading a map.  If you are going the same place every day, who needs a map?  But if you are going further a field, beyond your current field of reference, to place you haven’t been before, you tend to watch the map pretty closely.  Ask anyone who is trying to navigate an unfamiliar major city.  The map is essential.

So in your business if you are going the same place this year as last year, you don’t need to refer to goals or plans – that is unless things suddenly go very wrong and to find you need a map to navigate the waters of bankruptcy.  Then you would follow plans in meticulous detail – to try and get out with as much as possible.

What is your plan for the next financial year?  Do you want to increase you turnover? Your profits? – by a little or a lot?  Or do you simply want to find a better balance between working horrendous hours in your business vs spending time with your family?   Whatever your goals, we can help!   Get in touch with  us at ActionCOACH North Brisbane to book your FREE mentoring meeting, where you and your coach will develop strategies for success.

Dave’s Doing Movember

Dave Green - MovemberDave Green is doing Movember with the MOVE Challenge (he reckons he can’t grow a moustache)! Raising money for men’s health, Dave is working on increasing his movements starting with the Inspire Day game of golf.

The golf was a great, fun time with a fair amount of walking completed. Dave considers himself a ‘hacker’ and is definitely a “double par” man.  In fact, he lost 3 balls on the first tee! Not letting that get in the way, he recovered to score Par on one of the Par 3 holes! Woohoo, go Dave!

Thanks to Jeanette and Tony Jifkins from Onyx Online Law  and all the other business owners who attended the Inspire Day.  Watch for our post later in the month to see how we went with our fundraising.

ActionCOACH – What Coaching Means To Us

At the end of a busy week it always a good idea to reflect on your achievements, and to create a list of goals for the next week.   By doing this one task, you will find it easier to relax for the weekend, and when you arrive at your business on Monday morning you will be better able to focus on the week ahead.   When you make this a ritual you will be surprised at the positive impact it will have on your personal and business life.

Enjoy this short video, where business owners just like you reflect on the success that business coaching has brought to their business and their personal lives.   And, have an amazing weekend!


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