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Business Diploma with Business Coaching

Business Diploma with Business Coaching

This is probably the best News you have received for your Business for a long while!


Undertake a Business Diploma using VET Fee HELP & you can get 12 months of Business Coaching working with you, on Your Business…

You may well be eligible for a Help NOW – Pay Later deal.  Certain criterion apply, but we can take you through this when you call us on (07) 3205 1285.

You will be working on your own Marketing with heaps of sales and growth strategies to help grow your business. Things like ads, social media marketing, conversion strategies and much more. You will be developing a plan of attack for the next 12 – 24 months to help achieve your goals in business.

At the same time you will be seamlessly completing your Diploma in Business as you are growing your business.

Not only that…

Your own professional Business Coach will be helping you through each aspect of the plan and pointing out the pot holes to avoid every step of the way to your business goals.

That’s right – you will have someone in your business encouraging you and sharing the down and up times in your business with you.

See what others have had to say…

“I have just ticked over one year in Business for myself, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and expertise of Dave Green! When the motivation level had slipped, he has always been there to tell me to dust myself off and keep going. The tools that I have learnt from Dave in this first year have really assisted in the success of Business! If you’re thinking about employing a coach for your business or you’re just not sure if its right, get in touch with Dave, I know he will be able to guide you on the right path!”

Kelly Phillips – Australian Elite Insurance Solutions

“Dave is a great coach who gives you time appropriate advice to where you’re at with you business. He kicks in some motivation when you need it most and will keep on top of your goals and challenges over coming them together as a team.”

Katelyn Le Roux  – Grab A Grom (Winner – Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015)

“We doubled our revenue within 3 months thanks to Dave and the strategies that we implemented.   I had just bought a truck and we were in debt, but with Dave’s help we were in profit fairly quickly.”

Rory da Costa – Platinum Removals

The really cool part is that if you are an Australian Citizen you may be eligible to get all the help you need now with growing your business and not pay for it until you personally start earning in excess of $54,000 p/a. What that means is that there is No extra cash flow pressure on your business while it is growing. But…

Be Quick…This offer ends forever on 05 Dec 2016

This is the last opportunity for you to get this great deal – ever.

This program will no longer be available Period, full stop, finished for ever.

The last chance for enrolling in this program is 5 December 2016 and you can start in the New Year.

The 6th of December will be too late – Forever

Do not miss this chance to save your business ! 

Inquire now by calling (07) 3205 1285 for an obligation FREE discussion about your options.

P.S. Just in case it has been a bit of a shocker couple of days, Dave or Christine  will give you another call in a couple of days to have a chat about your business goals.

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